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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Guarantor Loans?

A guarantor is a co-signer for a loan agreement. So if you have just started building your credit, it would be best to apply for a guarantor loan. The guarantor can partially or fully take over the responsibility on the loan if in case the borrower defaults or fails to make payment.

What is a Logbook Loan?

The borrower is required to pledge an asset, a vehicle, as collateral for the loan. They will have to turn over the vehicle’s registration and other important documents to the lender until the loan is paid in full. The lender may seize the vehicle or have it sold if the borrower cannot make payment or defaults on the loan.

What is a Payday Loan?

One of the most common alternative source of emergency funds, a payday loan is a type of unsecured loan that can be acquired easily and fast. It will only take you a couple of minutes to get approved for this loan. The process is simple and straightforward. You borrow a small lump of cash and have it paid on your next paycheck.

What are Unsecured Loans?

Unsecured loans are types of loans which require no collateral to apply. So if you don’t have an asset to pledge, unsecured loans can be your best option. It is only backed by the borrower’s creditworthiness. Interest rates can be higher for this types of loan. So you need to consider your goals carefully before applying for such loans.

Do I Need A Guarantor?

Applying for unsecured loans with poor or thin credit line would require a guarantor. Since it doesn’t need you to pledge a collateral, it is extra risky for lenders to provide it without a form of security. However, if your credit is good, lenders would be okay without one.

How Fast Can I Receive The Funds

The best thing about applying online is that you can have the funds you need in an instant. As a matter of fact, the entire application would only take about 15 minutes. Once you’re approved for a loan, the money will be deposited to your checking account in seconds.

What If I Miss My Payment?

If you are having difficulties paying off your loan, it would be best to reach out to the lender so that they can arrange better and convenient repayment options for you. Failure to make payments or delaying your monthly dues could affect your credit severely. Not to mention the additional charges or late fees that you will have to deal with.

What If I Lie On My Application?

It is not recommended to lie on your application. For whatever reason why you’re applying for a loan, lying should not be practices. Once a lie is caught, the lender can void or reject your application immediately. Worse, you could also face jail time for other serious offenses.